Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, GWT


Jave is the heart and sould of almost every networked application, worldwide. With a strong community of more than 9 million java developers, Java is the king in mobile apps, games and enterprise software. We have got quite a few out of those 9 million java developers with a proven experience in developing exciting application and services. For your next mobile app, enterprise software, web-content or any embedded solution, our Java squad is there to help you with the solutions having supreme performance. 

Here are some of the facts, why you should be considering Java:

  • Java resides on 97% of the enterprise desktops
  • In the US market, Java spans 87% of the desktops 
  • You can find the best match out of 9 million Java developers worldwide
  • Because of its extensive compatibility, it is the #1 development platform 
  • In the mobile phone industry, Java runs with 3 billion mobile phones

There is a long list of convincing facts that we can talk about. So for your next project, let's discuss what Java has to offer you.